We provide a professional service, using products that have been sourced specifically for their

quality, reliability and efficiency and have been tested and proven under Irish conditions.

Our Products

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps transform the renewable energy available from the air, ground and water into clean and cheap heat, making your home more energy efficient.

Heat Recovery & Ventilation

A HRV unit removes stale air, steam and odours. It eliminates draughts, reduces overall heat loss and maintains a healthy home by reducing pollen, allergens and dust mites.

Heating Solutions

Underfloor Heating ensures warmth gently radiates upwards, heating the room evenly with constant temperatures. Alternatively, we have a range of aluminium radiators or infrared heaters available.

Hot Water Solutions

We have small but powerful air source heat pumps that are capable of heating hot water to 60°C and thermodynamic hot water panels that harvest free energy from the sun, rain and wind.

PV Panels

Photovoltaic (PV) systems convert solar radiation into electricity. These are panels made from materials which generate DC electricity when exposed to light.

Nutherm Galway Ltd. – Heating, Hot Water & Ventilation Solutions

Nutherm Galway Ltd. has been a specialist in heating, hot water and ventilation solutions in the West of Ireland for over 20 years. We design, supply, install and commission market-leading products and technology in your home or business.

We provide a professional service and supply the best products available which have been tested and proven in Irish conditions. Our products have been sourced by Nutherm Galway Ltd. for their quality, reliability, and efficiency. We’ve partnered with Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers to bring superior brands to the Irish market while striking the perfect balance between quality and value. 

We’ll take the time to find a system to suit your project and budget so contact us now to see how you can make the switch to renewable energy.

One Company, One Solution


Whether building a new house or renovating your existing home, look no further than Nutherm Galway for your complete heating, hot water and ventilation solutions. More than 20 years in business, we are here to help you with your project from design through to commission.

When we receive your drawings, we will talk you through the best systems for your home and can tailor the solution to your requirements, preferences and budget.


Modern homes require higher energy efficiency ratings to meet both building regulations and EN standards. As regulations advance to help adapt to the climate crisis and adopt new technology, heating and hot water systems now require bespoke design solutions.

We have been designing renewable energy systems to suit the West of Ireland climate since 2005 and have experience in integrating multiple energy sources from heat pumps, solar, PV and conventional boilers. We consider the insulation, windows, hot water requirements, building orientation, and the dynamics and control sequencing of the various solutions.

After the project design is agreed, we schedule a site meeting to organise the installation process and liaise with all of the relevant people and contractors.


As part of our package, we supply and install all the components of your renewable energy heating, hot water or ventilation system. Our experienced engineers are specially trained to install the products from our European partners.

If a client already has an installer or plumber contracted to work on their project, we can supply the equipment from our range of market-leading German heat pumps and accessories and oversee and advise on the installation process.

We also supply directly to plumbers and contractors who are trained in the installation, commissioning and servicing our products.

However you want to manage your project, we can design the best solution for you.

SEAI Registered Contractor

RGII Registered


Once the system is installed, our engineers check it to ensure that each component is operating as per the manufacturer’s specification and that it’s working effectively as designed.

After the commissioning reports are signed, we will provide a system demonstration and show you how to use the controls to optimise use.

When our work is complete, we ensure that you have all the relevant documentation to complete the handover. You can be happy in the knowledge that Nutherm have worked hard to ensure that everything is running smoothly and is there for any aftercare service you may need.


All our products come with a 2 year warranty as standard and a 7 year option is available on some lines.

After a system is installed and commissioned, we supply you with detailed product operating manuals and the relevant certificates.

We provide excellent after-sales support and have the expertise to service all of our systems and are happy to supply and fit replacement parts over the lifetime of our products.

We also offer holiday service agreement contracts on holiday homes.

Our Partners